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Re: release updates and the general audience

Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Saturday 03 June 2006 12:42, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Naturally, journalists should be subscribed to debian-announce and
> > debian-news.
> debian-announce has seen very little posts in the last two years, mostly only 
> about point releases. So no wonder journalists are subscribed to 
> debian-devel-announce also.

The scope of debian-announce is important changes to the project and
the distribution.  In the past, this was mainly about releases.

Release preparation in general is not suited for either -announce or
-news.  Some information is suited, though, like the timeline and the
proposed date of release - if that can be fulfilled and we won't end
up with releasing a year later or so.

> > If the release update is something significantly new and dedicated
> > to the public instead of our own developers (and maybe testing users,
> > prospective developers, interested users etc.) it may be discussable
> > to send the update to debian-news instead.  
> I think that would be good. There have been quite many posts which "only" 
> ended up on d-d-a, but are of interested for "power users" (and journalists) 
> as well. Some posts to d-d-a are certainly not suited for debian-announce, 
> but in my opinion many are. 

It would be beneficial if the posters of those that are, would work
together with press@debian.org *before* they send stuff to d-d-a.

> I even sort d-d-a and d-a into the same mailbox :) And debian-news ends up in 
> a mailbox which is labeled "Debian Weekly News" here :)

I've already thought for a long time that the fact that DWN is sent
to debian-news is a bug resulting from the old times.  It may be a
good idea to create debian-news-weekly one day so that press releases
and DWN don't share the same list and people can decdide which to
listen to.



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