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release updates and the general audience


the target group for our release updates are our developers.

However, we have seen in the past more than once journalists picking up
the release update and writing articles about them. Not only once there
have been slightly suboptimal stories, e.g. with overemphasizing some
issues (which might happen because we basically present a patch, whereas
journalists like to have a "that's the new status" as well, especially
if they're not too deep into the topic - something I could understand).

Now, I was phoning was someone from Heise about this. He told me that
they might be able to produce better articles if they have more time,
and they would have more time if we forward such articles to Heise
directly. He also suggested to add phone numbers or so for questions, so
that misunderstandings could be fixed before anyone in the public even
sees them.

Basically, this is something I would like to do. My question is just:
How do we do that best? Should the release team also post a small story
to debian-news at the same time (and suggest all journalists to
subscribe to debian-news also)? Or anything else? And, how do we make
sure we're available for questions in short time? Which address should
we consider journalists for contacts so that they can e.g. be given out
a mobile phone number to call to?


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