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Second draft (was Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material])

 >    developers and end-users; accordingly, we believe Debian 2.2 is an
 >    extremely well-tested Linux distribution ever.

This is bad english - either loose the ever, or change to something
like "the most well-tested Linux distribution ever" , or "one of the ..."
 >           + GNOME 1.0.56 (You can get GNOME 1.2 packages for Debian 2.2
 >             from [1]Helix Code) - A free desktop environment.

I think this should Helix Code[1]

 >           + Emacs 20.7, XEmacs 21.1.8 - The world's largest text editor.

Couldn't we think of something more complementary to say about emacs?
"comprehensive" "advanced" "One True" :)

 >    the [2]Debian Social Contract, and its commitment to provide the best

again, I think the citation should come afterwards.

 >    operating system possible. We think Debian 2.2 is another important
 >    step in that direction.



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