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RE: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material]

I'm just a happy user, so just ignore me if you like :)

But maybe a user's point of view is not such a bad thing here...

1) Support

The ftp site statistics'd be nice, maybe you can cook up time from
"bug reported" to "first reaction" to "bug closed"?

Of course one should stress that the handling of bugs is done
entirely by a developer responsible for and familiar with the
package, (=maintainer) not by support people who don't know
about the inner workings.

The mailing lists...

2) Installation

Potato can be installed from 5 floppies (less for some flavors)
and the installation system will get you all from the net,
massive mirror list included.

>   The same dpkg+apt packaging system is still used for performing
>   the upgrades, and we have made every effort to make the transition 
>   as painless and as flawless as possible. 

Apt wasn't really standard with slink, was it? And "painless and flawless"
doesn't convey its power. IMHO this part should mention:

	* that it's possibe to use many different sources, on different media
        even, all is transparent to the user.

	* that apt can upgrade all installed packages to the newest version
        in the blink of an eye.

	* that you can easily optimize packages for your system by doing an
        apt-get -b source PACKAGE. (Scrap those "Pentium optimized"
        distros :) ) Those build scrips are a godsend.

3) Configuration

/etc/network/interfaces, ifup, ifdown

Most packages are incredibly well integrated with the sytem. (Yesterday
I set up a mail server for my lan via fetchmail/exim/qpopper in 15 minutes
and I didn't have a clue) All files are where you'd expect them.



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> Subject: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material]
> Real soon now we're going to need some document that we can use as a
> release announcement for potato. As far as I know, we don't have one
> yet, right?
> I think the problem is that we've been working on this so long, 
> we've begun
> to forget what's changed since the last release. :-/ So I'm going 
> to try to
> gather as many possible things to announce as I can in this email and
> thread. We can sort it out later.


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