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Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material]

Erik wrote:
> > * Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 ships with kernels from the 2.2 kernel series.
> >   The 2.2 kernel series are a new kernel generation introducing several
> >   valuable changes both in the kernel and in other programs based on kernel
> >   features, along with a whole slew of new hardware drivers and bug fixes
> >   for existing drivers. 
> This is something that i dont see as important, because its assumed, and
> because i have a feeling debian would be flamed badly for "bragging" about
> how we have 2.2, a long time after everyone else has shipped 2.2.

That's a point. We should at least mention it though. Could just say
"linux kernel 2.2" in the list of other important upgrades.

> ifup/ifdown/etc.

If someone can come up with a wording that isn't "hey look, we copied
redhat's commands!" (We didn't.)

see shy jo

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