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Computer Show in Tasmania, Australia

Hello there,

I am one of the co-ordinating members of the Tasmanian Linux Users Group with respect to the organisation of the stand we have at the local Computer Show this March.

This year is the first year which the LUG has been able to have any chance at doing some plugging of linux (and other free unixes) for the Tasmanian community. And as such, the underlying message is that we are only really starting out.

If it would be at all possible, we would love to gain support for this venture of ours in the form of something like this:

would it be possible for you to send a bunch of cd's / other information etc etc which we can then resell at cost price to the public, provide hands on info, demos, that sort of thing. I was wondering if something like "if you could send us some stuff, we'll try to sell it, we'll send back monies plus unsold stock after then show and stuff sold we'd send back the cost for that".

The show is on March 11, and we should have been asking for this kind of support earlier on, but the main problem was getting it all off the ground :)

Many thanks in advance,

Andrew C Bergman
TasLUG Internet Administration Group

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