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Re: Raul's banners etc

On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 01:06:40PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> [Thought I had sent this before....]
> Someone might take a look at <URL:http://devel.onShore.com/gnu_art/>
> and see if we wanna grab some of this for the logos page or for use as
> banners.
I asked... him? about it.  Since you have been doing the page, I thought to
leave it up to you.  If there is no danger of the site area going away, we
could just link to it.  If that (might) be to much traffic and onShore
would prefer to see it mirrored, putting it into www.d.o/logos/ would be

> Also, Raul was asking me what license he should put the images under.
> Is GPL appropriate?  Or is just Public Domain the best for this stuff?
I might not be in the popular thought here, but I would prefer to see them
Public Domain'd.  The reason?  If they are installed in a page that isn't 
licensed the same, They would need attribution on every page (or in the
gif) of who owns the copyright... atleast technically.  Also, licenses
really have to be policed to keep them valid.  If someone can point out to
a license that you knew was being violated and didn't do something about
it, it makes your case for upholding the copyright harder (this exists for
all Intellectual Property).  If the art is public domain'd, it removes any
need to keep track of who's keeping the license.

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