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Re: Press release

On 07-Jan-00 John Galt wrote:
> Make sure to include the astounding change in the number of packages from
> Slink, and it might be a good idea to include a snapshot of the status of
> the various ports as well.  One other thing is that you might want
> to try to solicit blurbs from some of the Debian-based distros (Stormix,
> for example) as kind of a "quid pro quo" for future mention in their press
> releases.  If it were up to me, I'd also mention the new formats for
> installation/upkeep of packages, like debconf and the changes in dpkg and
> apt.  The year between slink and potato is going to come up, so we might
> as well be the ones mentioning it first--something about "right now" being
> oxymoronic or somesuch (this could also be used in explaining the "faux
> freeze"). This is our chance to make a good first impression for potato,
> so let's not blow it.

I think that we should use a lot the incredible mechanism of installation and
upgrade of packages and between the distribution. apt is a great point of
strength and now we have front-end too. I see several friends that are linux
users but don't know debian and they are already astonished in front of an
apt-get install something. 


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