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Re: Spotlight

Matthew R. Pavlovich wrote:
> What do ya'll think about adding a section to the web site called
> 'Developer Spot Light' or something along the lines where we can have
> brief interviews and bios every week about a different debian developer?  
> This will generate news, and traffic.  Some developers will not want to
> disclose information, and that is fine, we can interview only those that
> want to.

Hm, this is similar I to an idea I had for something Debian Weekly News
could do. Since I feel a lot of the important stuff that goes on in debian
is treated as just background noise, stuff that will never come to anyone's
attention or make DWN (think: fixed bug reports, cryptic changelog entries
that really represent lots of work, etc), I was thinking about raising
perceptions of these things by focusing on a developer for a week, and
describing everything they did in a fair amount of detail.

Seems that could be an interesting thing to accompny a interview and/or bio.
Though I can't commit to do it every week.

see shy jo

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