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Re: CD Cover

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 01:40:45PM +0200, Engelen wrote:
> Debian doesn't really seem to have an 'official' cover for the CD's. I've just recently got Debian (and I like it a lot), and I've created a cover with POV-Ray and the Gimp. I also made 2 scripts to add headings (like 'binary 1').
> i've put them on the web on engelen.tmfweb.nl (site like made in 3 minutes or so. nothing fancy)
> Please send me _any_ comments (ie. what file format would be preferred?). Would it be a good idea to package this, and maybe try to get it included in the distribution?
> Arnout Engelen

My only question would be:  How do these covers look when they are output
on a laser printer? - Xeroxed? 

The back cover is nice.  The layout is crisp and professional.  Unmodified,
I would use it as the front cover - the asymmetry would be a bold statement.

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