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Ad Wordage

Linux.com is offering us:

1) an "50-word" blurb type advertising on a page called "Get Linux" (Other
distributions are also invited). 
2)  A full page add that's linked from the above blurb.  

We have to provide a small image to go with the blurb and a banner add for
the full page as well as the text of the blurb and the HTML code for the
full page ad.  To get things going, I've already installed the two images
with the help of rcw and came up with a 47 work blurb

What I'd like are suggestings for the web page.  So far, I've got the
"Getting Started and "Getting Help" paraagraphs from the main web page..
and I'll go live with that, if nothing else... 

After going live, I'll invite comments on the ablurb and images...

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