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RE: Linux Expo'99 - Olympia 6th - 7th October 1999 (fwd)


	I'm trying to get a Debian booth at linux expo 99
(www.itevents.co.uk/exhibitions/Linux). How do I proceed further? It's
been suggested that I point out that we make no profit from CDs, so aren't
competition for RH + Suse, and perhaps that they should ask those two
distros (the only two attending so far) if they'd object. Are there some
other useful facts (surveys saying we're 2nd biggest distro, choice of
experienced users yadda yadda), or standard strategies to employ? How do
we get booths at other expos?

I need to reply in the next day or two, so swift responses welcome :)



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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 15:57:36 +0100
From: Jonathan Heastie <jonathan.heastie@itevents.co.uk>
To: 'Matthew Vernon' <matthew@debian.org>
Subject: RE: Linux Expo'99 - Olympia 6th - 7th October 1999 

Hi Matthew,

I'm sorry but I am not going to be able to give you a free stand at the

Despite the fact that I am sympathetic to your cause, the problems derived
from giving one exhibitor free space are too many to mention.  I have over
45 companies that are investing over £100,000 with me and I cannot possibly
run the risk of antagonising them by taking money from them but not from
you.  Redhat and SUSE, for example, have spent considerable marketing funds
on the show and I am sure that they would not look kindly upon me giving one
of their rivals a promotional space at the event for absolutely nothing when
they had used up months of budget on just one event.

Do you appreciate my problem?  Can you suggest an alternative?  Is there
absolutely no money?



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> From:	Matthew Vernon [SMTP:matthew@debian.org]
> Sent:	16 August 1999 15:01
> To:	jonathan.heastie@itevents.co.uk
> Subject:	Linux Expo'99 - Olympia 6th - 7th October 1999 
> Dear Mr. Heastie,
> We are maintainers and users of Debian GNU/Linux in the UK; we have come
> across the page about Linux Expo 99 at
> http://www.itevents.co.uk/exhibitions
> and would very much like to be able to present Debian at Olympia.  
> In case you do not know about Debian, we should say that it is one of the
> major Linux distributions and is probably second only to Red Hat in
> popularity.  Its chief distinguishing characteristic for an ordinary
> user or administrator is the superior package management system which
> makes upgrading packages a nearly trouble free operation.  We feel that,
> though Red Hat may have the slickest initial installation, we are
> superior for the long term user. For more information on the Debian
> project, please see http://www.debian.org
> Among distributions, Debian is distinguished by being a purely voluntary
> effort.  It is maintained by about 500 developers spread across the world
> and has machines, such as www.debian.org, which are donated by companies
> sympathetic to our efforts.  Being purely voluntary, Debian has almost no
> funds of its own; we should therefore like to ask if your organisation
> can allow us free space at the exhibition, since we have no funds to
> finance a booth at normal rates and yet are confident that Debian's
> presence at the exhibition would considerably enhance the exhibition's
> usefulness to visitors.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Matthew Vernon
> -- 
> Matthew Vernon
> Debian Developer
> http://www.debian.org

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