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Re: FW: Copies of Debian on CD-ROM...

On Aug 11, Brent Fulgham wrote:
> Does anyone know who could satisfy this request?

I can do the CD part if they need Intel or m68k discs.  I assume 2.1r2
would be OK... it wouldn't be the official image though.  Perhaps this
should be forwarded to debian-cd-vendors?  Someone there (LSL,
Cheapbytes, whoever) may have some spares lying around (I'd have to
burn them fresh and out-of-pocket, and the labels would be Gizmo
stick-ons, not silk-screened).

As to the other part, I'd be willing to answer their questions but I
suspect the DPL (Wichert) is probably the person they should talk to
(or someone else with a title other than "packaging and ports
flunkie" ;-).  I dunno who has done these things in the past...

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