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FW: Copies of Debian on CD-ROM...

Title: FW: Copies of Debian on CD-ROM...

Does anyone know who could satisfy this request?


-----Original Message-----
From: Jon W. Backstrom [mailto:viking@iowa.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 9:59 AM
To: press@debian.org
Subject: Copies of Debian on CD-ROM...

Dear Debian Press Contact:

Is there a proper channel to approach to get two copies of the latest
Debian CD-ROM?  Do you have any vendors who assist the project by
sending updates to editorial contacts?

        Jon W. Backstrom
        Applied Digital Arts
        911 North C Street
        P.O. Box 375
        Indianola, IA 50125

        (515) 961-0100
        (515) 961-0101  Fax

Also, we are wanted to communicate with someone from the project to
do an interview via e-mail for FREENIX.COM.  We hope to provide some
good coverage on the various distributions and have some good editors
who are Debian fans.

Thank you!

Jon Backstrom


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