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Re: new logo announcement

Previously Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Debian hasn't yet made any official announcement about the new logo.
> Nor has onShore (who paid for Raul's time to make the logo).

Oops, you're right of course. We should rectify that as soon as

Related: as winner of the contest Raul is entitled to a debian.org email
address and a Debian-CD set. Raul, can you send me the necessary info
for this (PGP key, where your email should go, an address and for which
architecture you want CD's)?

> We at least would like to make a press release about the new logo, and
> we were wonder if perhaps we could make a shared press release, or
> else if Debian would like to review onShore's press release before we
> make it public.

Now that Nils is settling in at his new home I'm sure he can get
something done reasonably soon..

> I assume all the issues with the logo are settled, right?  I also
> assume the primary logo which will get branded is the swirl, where as
> the "official" logo (the bottle) will be used as a stamp of approval
> and controlled by the group centrally somewhere, rather akin to a
> "Debian certified" stamp of approval.  Right?



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