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Re: new logo announcement

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 02:52:44PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Debian hasn't yet made any official announcement about the new logo.
> Nor has onShore (who paid for Raul's time to make the logo).  We at
> least would like to make a press release about the new logo, and we
> were wonder if perhaps we could make a shared press release, or else
> if Debian would like to review onShore's press release before we make
> it public.
The only active member of the press team is Nils and he's been in transit
from Boston to France...  The web team (me) waits for posts to either
debian-news or debian-announce (not debian-devel-announce) before putting
it up on the web in the "News" section.  This is mostly to ease the
work load of combing the news group for what might be news.. that's what
the weekly summarie's by Joey Hess are fore.

> I assume all the issues with the logo are settled, right?  I also
> assume the primary logo which will get branded is the swirl, where as
> the "official" logo (the bottle) will be used as a stamp of approval
> and controlled by the group centrally somewhere, rather akin to a
> "Debian certified" stamp of approval.  Right?
Yes.  I could use the original eps files (and xfig files if Raul can make
them) instead of the less than perfect ones I have been using.  If xfig
files aren't realistic, then 4 eps files, one of each with words and one of
each w/o words (make that another one, words only).  Those are the only
major manipulations we do..  sometimes move the words to the side or remove
them entirely..

> Let me know your thoughts on this.  I hope you don't think onShore's
> trying to exploit Debian here -- we're just very excited and pleased
> to be able to help out this way.
Credit is due where credit is due.  I think we can add something to the
donations page... we can even let onShore suggest the wording..

> working on the PR, I'd like to get in touch with them as well.
press@d.o  CC'd here just incase Nils has that email going into a different
mailbox besdies -pub stuff

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