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Re: Pricing Information..another logo use

On Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 07:52:37PM +0000, jim westveer wrote:
> As I read the /logos page, the use of the official logo
> would also be allowed for "for profit", as in someone who
> makes official Debian CDROMS.  And it could be used
> on non-official CDROMS if they were "made using a documented 
> procedure as published on www.debian.org"  (ie slink_cd).
> It seems that the "qualifying" measure is that it's used
> on a Debian product, not that it is a not-for-profit item.
The "qualifying" measure was for TShirt use, not CDRom or other use.

> Are we trying to restrict the "bottle logo" use to
> items produced by Debian?  As Debian produces no "hard goods",
> it would seem that the "bottle logo" would not get
> used at all.  
Debian produces a CD image...   Official CDs get the Official logo...
Debian is (or could) have TShirts, banners, bumperstickers, mousepads and
other publicity items made.  Debian could produce magazine advertisement.  

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