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Re: Pricing Information

* Darren O. Benham <gecko@benham.net>: 

> > > For artwork, all we really have is our logos
> > > (http://www.debian.org/logos/).
> >
> > those are perfect for us to play around with -- did you have any
> > cool/funny slogans you'd like to see on a shirt?
> Hey guys, I've been talking to Neil here about copyleft selling
> debian-logo'd shirts. Off the top of my head, I'd suggest sticking
> with the swirl w/o the bottle but he's asking about logos and such.
> That's where you guys come in. We need to work with them in coming
> up with designs. They'll have a heavy say in what actually get's
> printed since they're taking all (and I mean all) the risk. However,
> let's all try to work together and come up with something that will
> do both Debian and Copyleft proud.

Is there any chance the cool hats that the LinuxExpo Debian booth
inhabitants were wearing will become available?


Josh Baugher <jbaugher@vt.edu>

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