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Re: Debian T-shirts --- which logo ?

Philip Hands wrote:
> I'd like to make some T-shirts for the upcoming UKUUG Linux event, but it 
> occurs to me that the license probably doesn't allow for people using the 
> official logo on T-shirts.

I ran into the same problem.  There is the LinuxTag '99 next weekend and
I promised to produce a bunch of T-Shirts for participants, especially for
the Debian people.

> I think it's fair to wear the official logo, if you're a developer on at least 
> semi-official debian business (for example, I'll be giving away Debian CDs, so 
> I'd say I'm entitled to, and really should, wear the official logo.

I got a reply from Wichert stating that it should be ok if the T-Shirt is
weared by Debian developers for such events.  Well, only.  This denied it
for me.

> What about joe public, who's heard of Debian, and likes my T-shirt, and wants 
> to buy one ?  Do they have to were the bottle logo ?

This could be commercial use which doesn't seem to be allowed.

You might want to see what I have created and what I am producing these
days to take them to the LinuxTag.




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