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Sponsoring HIT2000

Dear reader,

We are organising a Linux hack & crack event in the Netherlands,
this is the greatest IT security  & Linux event of the Netherlands in 1999.

As a service we would to give all of our visitors -+/- 1200 - a free linux

That's why I'm mailing you, would you be able to sponsor us with 1200 linux
cd, the cd's will find their way to Dutch goverment officials, IT
professionals & security proffesionals will we be visiting our event.

The event is 3, 4 & 5 september in Haarlem the Netherlands,
it's a indoor event with 2500m2 floor space and a 34Mb/s uplink to the

Because our event was severall times on Dutch- TV, radio, papers & magazine
we can provide you a great value of sponsoring back, putting your logo on
visitorspasses & T-shirts -which we will give away for free!!- and on crew

Crew will be interviewed by Dutch National TV and a logo on the chest, will
be seen by many people.

We also are searching for a 6 m. high penguin which we will put in a corner
of the conference hall.

Hopefull to have informed you complety, if you have any questions just mail



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