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Re: need some opinions on this banner ad

Robert Woodcock wrote:
> Hello, I whipped up a banner ad - this was requested by Beret
> (Dean Henrichsmeyer) - he plans to display it on themes.org without fee.
> I would like some opinions on it - is it perhaps too arrogant?

Arrogance is good in advertising. :-)

The only thing I dislike is the pencil. If it had a few more frames in the
animation it'd be more clear what it's doing, but it just doesn't seem to
fit the rest of the ad. I think it'd work if you put in a few frames of
animation w/o the pencil showing the text being erased. I _love_ "The most
packages. The most people."

Um, since Debian isn't a hive mind, "we couldn't make up our minds" might be
more correct than "our mind". Or not, I'm not sure.

> (Yes, I am hedging my bets that the swirl logo will win - it's currently in
> the lead by a measly 16 votes - obviously if it doesn't win I'll change the
> ad first - either way it's not going on themes.org until the vote ends this
> week :)

[ followups to debian-vote ]

You almost make that damned swirl look good. It still says nothing about
debian though. I hope 16 people wake up and vote against it. :-)

see shy jo

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