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Re: Debian Presentation

> I see from the -pub archives that you're working on a slide show for
> Debian... I was wondering how that was going?  Basicly, I have to give a
> 2-3 minute presentation on Debian and what it does on June 10th.. If you
> had even an outline, it would help me.  I'm not much of a writer.

Working on it this afternoon.

In fact, I'm going to work on two versions, as Nils suggested - 
a "Joe Public" version for people who have never seen Linux before,
and a "Joe Linux" version for people who've seen Linux before, 
know what a distribution is, and are interested in what different
and better about Debian.

Which version do you want?

BTW, these slides were going to be designed around about a 20-minute
running time, so they may not be of much use.

Anyway, as a general rule, these are the points you'd probably want
to cover, and a rough order.

* What is the Debian Project?

* What is Debian GNU/Linux?
* What makes Debian the best Linux distribution?
   - large number of packages
   - package integration
   - security and stability
   - social contract - 100% freeness
   - BTS
   - you name it
* How can you get it
  - FTP
  - CD Vendors
* How to get further information, or get involved.

Of course, this will need substantial adjustment depending on
your audience.

Good luck with your presentation, and when I get these slides finished
I'll post them on my webpage and announce them on -publicity.


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