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Debian Slides

As promised, I have been working on some slides for a Debian

The first set I have done is available at:


These are a set of slides that I hope would be suitable for displaying
to a non-Linux audience.

They are done with the seminar package in LaTeX, mainly because
everyone should have that available to them.  Because of this, 
they are reasonably functional but not as elaborate as might have been
(though I did avoid Computer Modern . . . )

At the moment they are missing:
a)	notes to go with them - that is the next priority.
b)	A title slide.  Does anyone have a Postscript (or even larger
bitmap) version of the logo?

Feedback would be appreciated.

I'm also going to put together a "Joe Linux" version with a little
more emphasis on technical stuff and also what distinguishes Debian
from other distros.

Robert Merkel		rgmerk@mira.net


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