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Re: absolutely awful press release

I see your point, but am not sure exactly how you would like it to read.  
Could you possibly rewrite/edit it to look as you would think good?  I can 
then pass that on to the people writing the releases.  Thanks in advance 
for your help.

Regards, Nils.

In message <199903310047.QAA27712@atrus.synopsys.com>, Joe Buck writes:
>( See http://linuxtoday.com/stories/4509.html )
>I expected better from Debian: straight talk, no bullshit.
>Instead you put out the same utter crap I read every day from
>pinhead marketing departments.
>You guys need to completely detox.  Don't read and imitate the
>press releases put out by commercial organizations.  They are
>evil and no one believes them.  If you imitate the style, people
>will assume that you are evil and not believe you.
>> Debian Touts Integrated SGML Environment
>Why did you choose the word "touts"?  Because you are copying other
>peoples' press releases, that's why.
>> Debian's innovative SGML subsystem positions Debian as a
>> premier platform for SGML and XML developers
>Do you know what "positions" means in this context?  It means that
>you have a credible argument, a position, that your sales people
>can use to snow the customers with.  When a company knows that they
>are really the best, they avoid the term "position" because of its
>connection with "spin".
>Do you know what "premier" means here?  It means you think you're
>impressing people with pseudo-French.  It is not a word that non-flacks
>Your worst problem is that you're trying to imititate the flacks and
>doing a poor job.  Clue: the trade press is probably laughing at you.
>Drop the crap and explain with straight talk why you have a good
>SGML/XML development platform, as if you are talking to a programmer
>that you respect.

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