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Subject: Re: News site for Free Software people?
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I'm one of the guys trying to set up a new Web site for the free
software community. Among the services we are planning, we have 
OR News, which is focused on News about free software. The site is
still under construction, and it has not been widely announced
yet. But OR News has been running for almost a month now, so you can
have a look at it: 


The idea about OR News is to have a one-stop source of news about free
software, and only about free software. The kind of thing that you can
read in a couple of minutes each morning to keep tuned to what's
happening in the community.

We welcome any comment and/or idea. And of course, in any of you is
interested in collaborating with us, just let me know.


Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona             | Departamento de Informatica
tel +3491 624 9458, fax +3491 624 9129 | Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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