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Re: News site for Free Software people?

> On Feb 01, John Goerzen decided to present us with:
> > Not sure exactly what you're thinking of, but I set up a news thingy at
> > http://www.aclug.org/news/ and http://www.aclug.org/news/extended.html that
> > has been receiving a lot of favorable review.  It is slanted towards Linux
> > but I'd be glad to help with other things.
> Hmm no, that doesn't look like what I had in mind :-) I like the
> format of Slashdot; lots of editors who can post, most stories
> are short and their entire bodies are in the main page, and the
> comments. Do the people interested think differently? Is there
> any better place for us to move this discussion?

I would have to agree with your opinion of the current Slashdot.  The
signal-to-noise ratio of the comments section is getting uncomfortable.  I
have stopped checking into slashdot about two months ago - and I only read
it now when I am bored and between tasks. - even then the visit is only a
cursory scan of the topics on the front page; I don't even attempt to wade
through the comments.

If someone does feel the need to instigate a slashdot clone, I'll be
willing to help too, at least with the graphics.  However, I will only
consider working on a site with a *true* free software bias.

Thank you for sharing your views, and let's hope for the best.

Charles Esteban Paul

       The Revolution Will Be Multicast

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