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Re: News site for Free Software people?

Not sure exactly what you're thinking of, but I set up a news thingy at
http://www.aclug.org/news/ and http://www.aclug.org/news/extended.html that
has been receiving a lot of favorable review.  It is slanted towards Linux
but I'd be glad to help with other things.


On Mon, Feb 01, 1999 at 10:26:09PM -0200, Lalo Martins wrote:

> [Please don't follow up in debian-devel; I'm not subscribed to
> this one and also it's not the right place for this discussion.
> I'm only bringing it up there because more people read it, but
> people there who want to follow the thread may subscribe to
> debian-publicity which is the correct place]
> I'm growing more dissatisfied with Slashdot everyday.
> Interesting news articles are getting sparser, comments rarely
> don't turn into flamewars (and the number of comments that
> directly oppose the concept of Free Software itself is
> disturbingly big and increasing), and even the polls are getting
> more and more dull. Now Rob is a very fine person but I don't
> think Slashdot is serving my purposes anymore, and I've seen a
> lot of comments from people who feel the same.
> Anyone reading this is interested in somehow helping with
> setting up a brand-new online news service, explicitly commited
> with Free Software? I'd specially love this place to have any
> kind of support from Debian and GNU, even if it's only a link
> somewhere in their homepages.
> In case this project really happens, it's open to discussion
> whether it should use Slash or something entirely different;
> personally, I don't see too much of a reason to store online
> news and discussion in a SQL database, and even if there are
> such reasons this project should of course use a free server
> (not mysql).
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