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*** Draft 7 - Press Release ***

Hi all,

The Linux 2.2 Press Release Draft 7 is available at

Mainly I have fixed up the spelling and grammar. I apologise to all that
fretted over the quality of the last draft. I was in a bit of a rush to
release it, and rushing only seems to make things worse.

I have removed the bit about Beowulf. Please see my comment about this.

I have added a new section in the URLs. It is called "Linux in other
languages". Obviously, if this press release is going to be translated into
other languages, then it needs a section for them too.

I still don't have any quotes. Debian has come forward (in debian-publicity),
and others have suggested get quotes from trade magazines. I still really like
to include one from Linus, but he appears to be not forthcoming. This may be
because he is too busy, or that he doesn't like the idea of this press
release. I beg him to come forward and make a decision.

If people feel that the URLs make the press release too long, then I propose
this solution: We get all the national linux.org domains/whatever (eg
uk.linux.org, linux.org.au), and get them to 1) have on the main page an
announcement of Linux 2.2, and 2) link this to the press release, the URL
list, the Halloween documents, and possibly some interviews. An example might
be the recent LJ with Linus.

How the heck are we going to distribute this? Slashdot have already picked
this up, and quite possibly other places got that from them. It worked pretty
well, with a minimum of fuss. Non-tech magazines might need a tad more
prodding. I envisage us sending the press release to places like CNN. Also,
people may wish to forward it to computer magazines and newspapers in their
home countries.

Bye for now,

Ed Lang <Ed.Lang@pcug.org.au>           denethor@sdf.lonestar.org
39 Urambi Village                       woot on #debian and #linuxaus
Crozier Circuit Kambah                  on irc.linux.org.au
Web: http://www.pcug.org.au/~edlang/linux/

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