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Re: Need german speaker to check translation of CLOWN info.

Hi John,

I reviewed your translation.  Basically it is ok althogh at several
places I would have used different english wording, but you should
know better. :)  I've added my comments.

John Lapeyre wrote:
> 	Can a native German speaker please check this ?  I only translated the
> most important parts.  I may do more later....
> 	Translation of URL: http://europium.oc2.uni-duesseldorf.de/cluster/tech.html
> 	English first , then German...
>  Software Base:
> 	  The software consists mainly of the Debian 2.0/Hamm
> 	  LINUX (sic)[other places GNU/Linux is used]  - Distribution.
> 	  This is based on "glibc2/libc6".
> 	  The installation is reduced to the only the most neccessary

The installation is reduced to contain only the most necessary

> 	  components, which guarantees an installation size of about 
> 	  20 MB.
> 	  Those packages which are superfluous to the task determined
> 	  by the design specifications were removed-- for instance,
> 	  Zoneinfos and  Keyboard mappings .

The Kernel:

   The kernel used is 2.0.36 with "loop-root-patch", since 2.1
   (development-) kernel doesn't provide stability which is required
   in a professional environment.

   Due to better networking performance it would however be wishful to
   switch to a 2.1 or even 2.2 kernel.

>  The Distribution Diskette:
>          The actual boot diskette is based on the Debian 2.0/Hamm 
>          rescue disk.  In the modified version, not much more than
> 	 the original binaries, such as "ls", "mount", "umount",
>          "mke2fs" remain.
>   Base Distribution ( a question of design )
>   Why Debian ?
>           Theoretically, with more or less effort, it is possible to
> 	  use any Linux Distribution for this project.  Naturally, the
> 	  choice is determined through a knowledge of the
                                      ^^^ (I'd remove it or s/a/the/)

> 	  distributions.  In this connection, the Debian distribution
> 	  has the following great advantages.
>    Advantages:
> 	   1:  All modifications of Debian packages (not contrib or
> 	   non-free) can be redistributed without legal considerations
> 	   regarding licenses. (As happened here.)
> 	   2. Very simple boot scripts, which are thus easy to modify.
> 	   3. Can easily be pared down to a minimum size (To under 16 MB) .
> 	   4. Very strict adherence to the FSSTND (Linux Filesystem Structure)



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