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Re: Need german speaker to check translation of CLOWN info.


I'll take a shot...

>>>>> "John" == John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:

    John>  Software Base:

    John> 	  The software consists mainly of the Debian 2.0/Hamm
    John> 	  LINUX (sic)[other places GNU/Linux is used] -
    John> 	  Distribution.  This is based on "glibc2/libc6".

Well... they seem to have gotten confused by the `Hamm'
codename... So, it's Debian 2.0/Hamm, which is a LINUX distribution.

BTW, what *is* the actual significance of `hamm' or `slink'...?

    John> 	  The installation is reduced to the only the most
    John> 	  neccessary components, which guarantees an
    John> 	  installation size of about 20 MB.

    John> 	  Those packages which are superfluous to the task
    John> 	  determined by the design specifications were
    John> 	  removed-- for instance, Zoneinfos and Keyboard
    John> 	  mappings .

Fine so far... may I try the Kernel part?

  The kernel used is a 2.0.36 with the `loop-root-patch', because the
  2.1.x (developer) kernels don't yet deliver the stability that is
  required for professional use.

  Based on the improved net performance of the developer kernels, it
  would be desirable to switch to 2.1 or, later, 2.2.

    John>  The Distribution Diskette:

    John>          The actual boot diskette is based on the Debian
    John>          2.0/Hamm rescue disk.  In the modified version, not
    John>          much more than the original binaries, such as "ls",
    John>          "mount", "umount", "mke2fs" remain.

Rewritten lightly:

  The actual boot diskette is based on the Debian 2.0/Hamm rescue
  disk, of which not much more than the binaries such as "ls",
  "mount", "umount", "mke2fs" remain.

Closer to german wording... I think.

    John>   Base Distribution ( a question of design )

    John>   Why Debian ?

    John> 	  Theoretically, with more or less effort, it is
    John> 	  possible to use any Linux Distribution for this
    John> 	  project.  Naturally, the choice is determined
    John> 	  through a knowledge of the distributions.  In this
    John> 	  connection, the Debian distribution has the
    John> 	  following great advantages.

I'd rewrite this...

  Theoretically it is possible to modify any Linux Distribution to be
  used for this project.  Of course, the choice is determined by ones
  knowledge of the distribution.  Besides, Debian has these

Pretty liberal in some ways, closer to the german in
others... translating is one hell of a job ;-)

And of course, the german is `buggy'...  (there seems to be an `ist'
missing after the `zu benutzen').

    John>    Advantages:

    John> 	   1: All modifications of Debian packages (not
    John> 	   contrib or non-free) can be redistributed without
    John> 	   legal considerations regarding licenses. (As
    John> 	   happened here.)

The meaning is sane... though the german text's `wiederveröffentlicht'
would mean `republished'... the german text is *not* the best german
you can find.  (`Lizenzrechtliche Bedenken'(tm)... the first word
should be lowercase).

And wouldn't it be more proper (properer? ;-) to say `As has happened

    John> 	   2. Very simple boot scripts, which are thus easy to
    John> 	   modify.

    John> 	   3. Can easily be pared down to a minimum size (To
    John> 	   under 16 MB) .

    John> 	   4. Very strict adherence to the FSSTND (Linux
    John> 	   Filesystem Structure)

[German version snipped]


Bye, J

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