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Could somebody more qualified handle this please?



Behan Webster     mailto:behanw@pobox.com
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I work for a company that does extensive sales and support contracts for
many big name companies (Sun, Bay, Fore, Oracle, etc)

I am currently working on a draft for a proposed "Linux Support" program
that we're playing with adding.  (I would just say our name, but my
Director asked me not to "Tip our hand" just yet.) 

I've already contacted RedHat, SuSe, and caldera requesting someone from
their support department to call me... but I was hoping to get some
insight from the debian team on what you guys would like to see supported.

I've been using linux now for about 2.5 years.  I started with slackware,
then with RedHat 4.2, I moved to RedHat.  I have quite a few irc "friends"
who use and love debian, so I'd hate to leave debian out of our support

We're looking to take this support plan to the highest level that we
currently take our Sun plan ... up to "2 hour response time 24x7 onsite

We're not really targeting the "end user", but more of the corporate "big
boys" who don't feel secure using a "unsupported" product.

I'll keep you informed how things pan out with RedHat, SuSe, and Caldera..
eg .. what we work out with them... if anything.  Who knows .. we may
just decide to be independant of all "distros" and just offer support to
any distribution.  We'll see.

This is support information/package is quite important to us to get on the
table quickly.   I'd love to hear from you soon.

If you can call LD, I can be reached at 303-544-6519 (Direct Work Line),
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST.  If not, I can call you (just email me your
number)... or we could just communicate via email.

Anyhow... thanks for your time,

Robert E. Lee

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