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Re: Debian GNU/Linux (fwd)

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 20:18:36 +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> (debian-private may not be the best list for this.  feel free to direct
> replies to a more appropriate list...but remember to CC me)

OK: debian-publicity.

> do we have a "press information kit" that we can give to journos?  

Not that I know of (but I'm not on debian-publicity);
http://www.debian.org/intro/why_debian.html might be a nice starting point.
IIRC, one of our IRC-ing developers has a "why Debian for me" document on a
webpage, but I can't currently find it.

> > 1.  Who is the contact that we should be using?
> i think that's Nils, right?

He's quite busy at the moment IIRC; I'd suggest the debian-publicity list,
or set up a "press@debian.org" alias.

> > 4.  What are the key features of GNU/Linux?
> (just writing down some thoughts...could be phrased better)

>  - debian is non-profit.  producing the best distribution possible is
>    our primary motivation, so we don't get distracted by the necessity
>    to make a profit.
This should be clarified, to prevent any impression of "not for commercial

> > 5.  What is the pricing for the product and what does that price include
> > (i.e. manual, support)?
> debian is a non profit volunteer group. we just make the distribution,
> we don't sell it. however, many vendors take our work and sell it for
> reasonable prices.
> the price varies, depending upon the distributor. somewhere between $5
> and $50 would be common.

Point to http://www.debian.org/support for support (it lists mailing list,
IRC, consultants etc).

> > 6.  What applications are bundled with it?
> <insert long list of Free/Open Source applications here>

Point to http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages .

> (i know they're really asking about commercial apps, but it's vaguely
> annoying to see the assumption that the only good app is a commerical app)

It is; but I assume someone on debian-publicity can give a nice "twist" to
it. Something about the great collection of free software, augmented (for
those who need it), by compatibility with the dominant packaging format for
commercial applications through "alien".

> > 7.  Can you please send us 3 copies on CD-ROM, complete with documentation
> > for review purposes?

> we'd have to refer them to someone who makes debian CDs.

Ask on debian-cd@lists.debian.org

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