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Re: Slink Freeze and IRC Party

One thing we need to do differently from last time is the way we set times for 
when things happen for different architectures.

It is likely to take a while for m68k packages of the same version as get into 
the i386 freeze to get into the archive, so it is pretty pointless freezing
m68k at the same moment.

The same goes for release time.  As it happens, I've still not had word that 
the m68k team think that the m68k CD images are ready to be produced, but 
hopefully that will get sorted before slink is released.  Assuming that it is, 
it will still take hours or days after the release of 2.1 for i386, before the 
m68k release is ready, because there is bound to be a package that is allowed 
into i386 at the last moment, that will then need to be compiled for m68k 

What are we going to do about this ?

Cheers, Phil.

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