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Re: Debian Book

> I don't know Dwarf's book because it's not included in the distribution.
> This makes it sort of useless for me.  Don't misundersand me, I appreciate
> its existance, it's just not the right way for distributing, imho.

I belive there is a Debian Users Manual downloadable at the following URL:

It should be noted however this is both available for a price and via download.
If it is downloaded it can only be used for personal use and it mainly covers
Debian 1.3

> There is already a 2nd Debian book in progress.  WildOne from #Debian 
> (Chad Mullighan, if I'm not mistaken) started it.  I don't know how
> far it is and if it will be distributable for Debian.

I will see about contacting Chad to see what the progress is or if it is still
underway.  No need to split efforts on something of this magnitude.

> Spiff, do you have time and desire to coordinate this and do suggestions
> on what has to be included, ask for volunteers, ask individuall people to
> write sections, review things, write sections on your own?

I am willing to devote to the cause.  I would like to see it because it needs 
to be done.  I have already been lobbying for a few volunteers so if/when
they are found they should end up in this discussion.  Been telling them to 
subscribe to debian-doc@lists.debian.org to pick up the thread.  Not sure if 
this belongs more in doc or publicity.  Perhaps each different list could 
have a different "job" in the overall topic.  ie: doc does the HOWTO stuff and 
publicity does the historical stuff (as well as accomplishments of debian)

> Ha, of course, if you start working on this, you have to find a copyright
> from which most parties would benefit.  I was told that the LDP copyrights
> are good.

I think through a communitave effort something could be agreed upon. :)

The ball is starting to roll,

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