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Re: Debian Book

Seth Turner wrote:
> I have seen a number of comments on Debian needing a book detailing things
> like installation, configuration, and the likes.

Like I said on #Debian already I see a big need for this.  Debian
ships with a whoe bunch of mechanisms that only apply to Debian and
that are different on other *nix systems.  Most of them make life
and maintenance easier - but often only active package maintainer
know of them and know how to handle them.

I see an urgent need to describe these all in some good documents.

I'd also like to see "The Debian Manual" distributed like LDP manuals.
I'd like to have them in binary form within the distribution so people
can grep through it and print it out if they like.  Additionally I do
want to have the book ready for printing by cd vendors, too.  And it would
be nice if some book vendor could pick it up and distribute it printed,
as well.

I don't know Dwarf's book because it's not included in the distribution.
This makes it sort of useless for me.  Don't misundersand me, I appreciate
its existance, it's just not the right way for distributing, imho.

> What about getting a group of individuals together with the express intent of 
> coming up with something to suit these needs?  I think that the group would 
> benefit by having a combination of both new and old users, that way the new 
> users could give accounts on what was/wasn't difficult to understand, while the
> old users could assist in technical details.

According to my experience only a group can cover this.  I'm working
on a book right now and it take a lot of time to finish my stuff.  It'll
be easier if single people only have to write 10kB instead of 200kB
or even 2MB.

There is already a 2nd Debian book in progress.  WildOne from #Debian 
(Chad Mullighan, if I'm not mistaken) started it.  I don't know how
far it is and if it will be distributable for Debian.

I really really would like to see this.  I'd like to contribute when
time would allow this.

Spiff, do you have time and desire to coordinate this and do suggestions
on what has to be included, ask for volunteers, ask individuall people to
write sections, review things, write sections on your own?

Ha, of course, if you start working on this, you have to find a copyright
from which most parties would benefit.  I was told that the LDP copyrights
are good.



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