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Re: DRAFT v4(final): Debian 2.0 "Hamm" Released

> Sounds like a plan. I'll create the page tonight with the line
>     there are no reported errata in the installation or upgrade process.
> I should probably back up and mention how I was going to organize this
> on the web page.
> The announcement of 2.0 will be put in the news section. The area on
> the main page announcing 2.0beta will be replaced with a similar section
> with links to
>    installation guide (2.0/install)
>    upgrade instructions (2.0/HOWTO.upgrade. Looks like there will be some translations
>          of this)
>    ftp page      (distrib/ftplist)
>    CD vendors page (distrib/vendors)
>    errata page (2.0/errata)
> The errata page should function for any errata in both the upgrade and
> installation process.
> Does this jybe with everything you were planning?

Seems fine.  I just wanted to make the main README on the CD images start with:

  If you are able, it's probably worth checking here before you start:



And I'll be producing the images as soon as I'm sure the archive has settled, 
and I've got www.uk rsynced up.

The only thing still to do, is decide on the policy for ``Official CD images''

Currently, I've got an empty README.official

Cheers, Phil.

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