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Re: DRAFT v4(final): Debian 2.0 "Hamm" Released

> > Could people check http://www.debian.org/2.0/HOWTO.upgrade
> > and send any corrections or additions in?
> > In particular, send any Q+A that you may feel are appropriate.
> >
> > This page will link the errata page when/if one is created.
> Please could you create a ``There are no errata'' placeholder, because I'm
> going to be putting the URL on the CD's
> I take it the URL should in fact be:
>    http://www.debian.org/2.0/errata
> (without the .html)
Sounds like a plan. I'll create the page tonight with the line
    there are no reported errata in the installation or upgrade process.

I should probably back up and mention how I was going to organize this
on the web page.
The announcement of 2.0 will be put in the news section. The area on
the main page announcing 2.0beta will be replaced with a similar section
with links to
   installation guide (2.0/install)
   upgrade instructions (2.0/HOWTO.upgrade. Looks like there will be some translations
         of this)
   ftp page      (distrib/ftplist)
   CD vendors page (distrib/vendors)
   errata page (2.0/errata)
The errata page should function for any errata in both the upgrade and
installation process.

Does this jybe with everything you were planning?

Jay Treacy

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