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Re: DRAFT v3: Debian 2.0 "Hamm" Released

Draft v4 is on -publicity... there is currently only one change pending to 

Debian development distributions for Alpha, Sparc, and PowerPC are also 
available under the 'unstable' tree from the FTP site.  They will likely
be released with Debian 2.1 'Slink.'  Development is currently in 
progress for UltraSparc, Netwinder und Hurd based distributions.

If you can translate and send it to me, that would be great.  Joey and I 
will do the German translation.  If you have a list of destinations in Spain 
where the release should go, please send them to me.

Thanks, Nils.

In message <[🔎] 19980723120344.A22702@cogs.susx.ac.uk>, Luis Francisco Gonzalez 
>For the Beta release, we (Enrique Zanardi and me) translated the message 
>Brian in about an hour. If Nils forwards the message to the list we can do 

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