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Re: Preparing press releases / sum of features

Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:
> as I haven't seen that my effort from about 2 months ago has been
> used to collect all features of Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 in order to
> make press releases and articles for newspapers easier, I have
> re-started it.

Note that in any document of this type you'll have to scan for BSD-like
copyrights and make a legend of legally required acknowledgements.

Obviously any of the traditional BSD network clients and services, and to my
knowledge SSLeay and KTH-Kerberos (which are in nonus) fall in this category.

I'm assuming that even in countries where those clauses may or may not be
enforceable, we want to respect the authors wishes. In any case I don't see a
particular reason to jump into the line of fire and be a test case on this


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