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Re: DRAFT v3: Debian 2.0 "Hamm" Released

First of all, I don't like the textual format.  My comments might
be harsh, I've had a whole day of study, work, stress, and debian
work, so I might use the wrong words now.  You may ignore me if you
think I'm lame or something.  It's your work so you decide.

lohner@debian.org wrote:
> OK, I added some of Joey H's text... I don't want this to get any longer.  I 
> think right now it says everything it should say, and I'm just looking for 
> corrections/improvements.  We should have all docs listed at debian.org 
> somewhere...
> Some issues:
> - http://bhmit1.home.ml.org/deb/faq this needs to get on debian.org (Jay?)
> - http://www.gate.net/~storm/FAQ/libc5-libc6-Mini-HOWTO.html too ??
> - what number of packages do we list? There are over 1500 FREE packages, but 
>        2200 total.  I think I like over 2000 total...
> - Destinations: slashdot, freshmeat, LJ, LWN  Know any more good ones?
> <CQ>	!time
> <dpkg>	CQ: T minus 1 days 3 hours 29 minutes 36 seconds!!!!
> Ground Zero is approaching...
> Nils.

It's a bad style to use dashes to implement <hr> but not making the
line long enough so the most right letter isn't more right than the
most rightest dash.

>  ------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Debian GNU/Linux
>  http://www.debian.org
>  Debian 2.0 'Hamm' Released

Isn't the distribution Called "Debian GNU/Linux 2.0" alias hamm?

>  July 24, 1998
>  ------------------------------------------------------------------
> >> News
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 'Hamm' has officially been released for the i386 and 
> m68k architectures.

I thought the alpha distribution is ready for release, too.

> It can be obtained in several ways:
> FTP:       ftp://ftp.debian.org/pub/debian/  
> CD-ROM:    http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors (list of distributors)

As I already wrote, shouldn't this be http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors.html.
Please check.

> Debian development distributions for Alpha, Sparc, and PowerPC are also 
> available under the "unstable" tree from the FTP site.  They will likely be 
> released with Debian 2.1 'Slink.'

Please write the most important thing at the first place, the second important
thing after that and so on.  It is not of major interest that we are
working on mre ports. btw. you're missing Ultralinux (Ultrasparc), 
Netwinder and Hurd.

> Debian 2.0 marks the move from the older libc5 to the newer libc6.  It 
> contains over 2000 precompiled binary packages contributed from over 300 
> developers, including all of the favorites: web servers, GIMP, gcc, egcs, 
> XFree86, SQL servers and many other tools and utilities.

Move it up, please.

> Debian's powerful package maknager 'dpkg' allows for easy installation and 

> management of packages including sophisticated handling of dependencies.  
... and configuration files.

> Pakages from other distributions can easily be
> installed using the 'alien' utility.

You already mention this later down.  I won't consider this as major
feature but as 'one out of many'.  Please choose a more important
one to emphasize it.

Please take a look at http://www.debian.org/~joey/pr/2.0/whatsnew.html
to get some ideas.  I'd suggest the generic menu thing.

> >> Why Debian GNU/Linux?

I have to admit that this kind of sectionizing looks strange for humans.

Why not use

Why Debian GNU/Linux?

Using single dots or small o's look better, imho.  Also, please prefix
it at least with one space.

 . Debian is 100% Free Software. Our goal is to help keep Linux free.
 . Over 2000 precompiled software packages.
 . Over 300 developers, the largest staff of any Linux distribution.

 o Debian is 100% Free Software. Our goal is to help keep Linux free.
 o Over 2000 precompiled software packages.
 o Over 300 developers, the largest staff of any Linux distribution.

> * Debian is 100% Free Software. Our goal is to help keep Linux free.
> * Over 2000 precompiled software packages.
> * Over 300 developers, the largest staff of any Linux distribution.
> * The largest pre-release testing program in the Linux world.
> * Free on-line support from our large, friendly user community on the
>   debian-user mailing list and chat forums.

                              realtime chat?

> * Floppy-less install directly from CD, or single floppy install
>   using NFS or hard disk.
> * Automatic upgrades via CD, FTP, NFS, or disk.
> * Bug tracking system is publicly accessible on our web server, and users
>   users are encouraged to access the system and provide feedback.

Maybe some statistics?

Open bugs: 5317 (Jul 22 22:47)
Largest bug number: 24898

This makes 19581 fixed bugs.  *WOW*

> * Anyone can duplicate and sell our Official CD, at no charge!
    or a snapshot of the ftp archive

> * Compatible with RPM and Slackware packages.

If you mention both you should be fair and mention Stampede as well.

> * Debian is maintained through a volunteer effort!

This should be put near to the "more than 300 developers".

> >> Upgrade Information
> To avoid problems in just upgrading packages via dpkg, dselect, or dftp 
> (due to possible libc5/libc6 conflicts), a specific upgrade procedure is 
> recommended.  This document describing this procedure can be found at:
>         http://bhmit1.home.ml.org/deb/faq
> Q: How do I upgrade from an earlier version of Debian?
> A: There are several methods:

Please don't include Q/A plays in official press releases.  They look 
quite ugly.  Better extract the most important information and add
a link to it.  Please work out with Jay to include it on www.debian.org



> >> About Debian
> Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the Linux operating system. It is 

> maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their 
> time and effort.

How often do you want to repeat the volunteer effort?  Not that it
isn't important but it doesn't make sense to repeat it over and over
in a press release.  Please don't do it.

> >> Contact Information 

I wouldn't put this under a separate topic.

> For further information, please send email to press@debian.org or visit the 
> Debian homepage at http://www.debian.org.

Please add a trailing slash to the url.



Computers are not intelligent.  They only think they are.

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