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Re: DRAFT: Debian 2.0 "Hamm" Released

> OK, proofread and comment please.  I'm looking to flesh out the 'what is
> contains' section especially.  I'd also like to be somewhat consistent with
> the LJ ad we're working on (http://www.novare.net/~ean/debads/debian-ad.ps).
>  Release time is Friday July 24, 0:00 GMT I believe, so please comment soon.
>  I took s a little fro Brian's beta announcement as well.

I like it.  I would suggest adding the following info:

The official Debian CD images can be found at:


To avoid problems in just upgrading packages via dpkg, dselect, or dftp (due
to possible libc5/libc6 conflicts), it is recommended that the following
upgrade procedure be followed.  This document can be found at:


Q: How do I upgrade from an earlier version of Debian?
A: There are several methods:
   1) autoup.sh - This is a script that will upgrade the programs in
      the correct order, even download the deb's for you.  Because of
      the continuing changes to the archive, a tar archive of the
      packages that were available at the time autoup.sh was last
      released is provided.  This is should be at the developers
      corner of the Debian web site, but newer versions are at:
	http://www.uk.debian.org/autoup/	(ftp: also okay)
   2) apt-get - This is the command line part of Debian's future
      package manager.  It knows how to order packages and will
      download them from a local archive, http, and ftp sites.  It is
      able to merge the info from several sites, so you can use your
      cd, an up to date mirror, and a non-us site for the best mix of
      speed, variety, and recentness (if you can't tell, I like this
      one).  Just run 'apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade'.  The bo
      version is at: http://www.debian.org/~jgg/  and the hamm version
      is in project/experimental.
   3) Do it by hand.  There is a howto at:
      but the autoup.sh simply automates this, so most users won't
      want to do this.

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