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Re: Partners Program

OK, I'll try to start something that describes what the 'Debian Partners' 
program is and what it's trying to achieve.  I've tried to classify 
different types of partnerships and list some criteria, but it's pretty 
meager so far.  Once this gets to be of a decent size, I'll put it on a web 
page.  I'm looking for a lot of feedback.  The more comments, the merrier!


Debian Partners Program

What is the Debian Partners Program?
 This program provides a way to recognize and reward companies and projects 
that assist the Debian effort.  Since a these partners are providing a 
service of some sort to Debian, we will officially recognize them and 
maintain a good working relationship with them.

What are the criteria for Partners?
  There are several types of partnerships: hardware, software and service.  
To be a partner, at least one of the criteria must be met.

Hardware Partners
- they provide equipment to Debian (reduced cost or on loan)
- they provide a hardware based service to Debian (net access, etc.)
- they assist (or even lead?) efforts to port and maintain Debian packages 
on the hardware

Software Partners
- they should be the package maintainers for their software

Service Partners
- assist Debian in development and distributions of releases
- provide a forum for Debian's press releases and announcements

Some example cases and How They Fit
- Novare, VA Research
  o hardware partners
- CD Vendors
  o service partners
- slashdot, freshmeat, LJ, etc.
  o service partners

In message <[🔎] 19980716150539.A30129@novare.net>, Ean Schuessler writes:
>I think that the main thing that we are looking for is a way to recognize
>and reward companies that assist our efforts. A lot of this should revolve
>around a program of more aggressively persuing press releases and 
>co-press releases with companies. A good example is Kaffe, Tim got coverage
>on HotWired and Slashdot (I think he did Slashdot) and will continue to
>persue these issues. If we were to select Kaffe as "the official JVM of
>the Debian Project" we could get him to mention Debian in all these press
>releases. The same goes for getting Sun involved in our packaging 
>efforts. Whether they end up contributing or not we should have a way that
>their logo can get plastered somewhere on a project page so that they can
>point at it and say "see? we are into open standards." I think that will
>be one of our major selling points in general.
>(Busy now, more soon)

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