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Re: Partners Program


I think that the main thing that we are looking for is a way to recognize
and reward companies that assist our efforts. A lot of this should revolve
around a program of more aggressively persuing press releases and negotiating
co-press releases with companies. A good example is Kaffe, Tim got coverage
on HotWired and Slashdot (I think he did Slashdot) and will continue to
persue these issues. If we were to select Kaffe as "the official JVM of
the Debian Project" we could get him to mention Debian in all these press
releases. The same goes for getting Sun involved in our packaging development
efforts. Whether they end up contributing or not we should have a way that
their logo can get plastered somewhere on a project page so that they can
point at it and say "see? we are into open standards." I think that will
be one of our major selling points in general.

(Busy now, more soon)

On Thu, Jul 16, 1998 at 02:24:24PM -0400, lohner@icd.teradyne.com wrote:
> Hey, Ean...
>   I wanted to start up the partners program idea that you threw out a while 
> ago.  Can you email me the basics of what you envision it to be so we can 
> start discussing/fleshing it out?
> Nils.

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