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Re: New logo efforts...

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 11:16:00AM +0200, Fredrik Ax wrote:
> We already have an official logo!
> No matter how good or bad your new logos are we (Bruce Perens on
> behalf of the Debian society) have already chosen an official logo:
> http://fatman.mathematik.tu-muenchen.de/~schwarz/debian-logo/

Bruce choose the logo personally despite the fact that other logos had 
higher votes. Aside from this the logo is unprofessional and will
make a poor first impression on those who are trying to decide which
Linux distribution they should use.

> In my opinion it will only harm debian to produce alternate (ambiguous)
> logos. It's better to get the official logo widely spread and commonly
> accepted and recognized.

The "official" logo will create only negative impressions of the Debian
distribution before people honestly evaluate its technical excellence.
It makes little sense that we should have to succeed _despite_ the quality
of our logo.

> Therefore, I urge you to stop creating new logos and start using the
> official one.

I commend you for your sincere concern but would ask you to carefully
evaluate your perception that the current logo is sufficient. Let us
carry the same high standards for our public presence that we have for
our technical implementations.

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