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Re: Compare and contrast...

> > www.redhat.com -- www.debian.org
> So what? The first is a blown up web site with frames and too much details,
> the second is a document that informs about a free software non-profit
> organization. If you find the first more professional, then let me tell you
> that it looks way too much commercial for a voluntary effort as Debian is.
> Sure, the Debian web pages *could* be improved in many ways, but the RedHat
> style is certainly not the way to go, if you ask me.
If you have ideas for improvement, please feel free to send them to debian-www.
Even better would be to send in actual html of your ideas implemented.

Many people have written in saying we should improve the pages.
I always respond asking them to send in their suggestions, or, preferably,
examples. With only a few exceptions, they haven't written back.
It must be the 3 minor policies restrictions I mention: no frames, a minimum
of graphics and pages must work well from non-graphical browsers. Developers have
been consistent in requesting these so I see no reason to drop them.

- Jay

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