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Re: Compare and contrast...

On Tue, Feb 10, 1998 at 06:55:33AM -0600, Ean Schuessler wrote:
> www.redhat.com -- www.debian.org

So what? The first is a blown up web site with frames and too much details,
the second is a document that informs about a free software non-profit
organization. If you find the first more professional, then let me tell you
that it looks way too much commercial for a voluntary effort as Debian is.

Sure, the Debian web pages *could* be improved in many ways, but the RedHat
style is certainly not the way to go, if you ask me.

Oh, did you try:

lynx www.redhat.com


lynx www.debian.org


The latter is much more easy to read, because it is a well structured HTML
(read: SGML) document.

The Debian web page shows that Debian developers are involved in maintaining
the distribution instead writing fancy web sites. This is also ok for me.

If you want to volunteer to improve the design, you are certainly welcome -
write a mail to webmaster@debian.org or send your suggestions here.

PS: This no flame - redhat is commercial and can effort to spend some money
in advertisement. Actually, there web page is not too bad. But Debian can't
effort spending lot of time on web page design, because there is a
Distribution to release soon.


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