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Re: Regarding Official Logo Selection

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, Max Bell wrote:

> I am very disappointed with the recently declared "Official Logo".  It did
> not win the vote and was not even popular enough to appear on any of the
> recent logo voting pages.  On the last logo page where it did appear (v9),
> 67% of voters thought it was "bad" and I agree strongly.  In constrast,
> the logo that did win the vote (eb07 @ 683) was rated as "good" by 68% of
> voters and I very strongly agree.  It won because it was the best, and it
> should have been used.  If votes are going to be discarded at the whim of
> the Debian elite, don't bother having the elections.
> Max
> mbell@pobox.com

In my opinion we should be thankful that Bruce Perens took a decision
and ended the what seemed to be an everlasting competition. It's bad
for a product not to have a logo and maybe even worse to have a lot of
differently looking logos which was about to be the situation. Private
persons took the logo of their choice and used it to associate with
Debian on web pages etc.

Even though I had a competitive logo I think Bruce Perens made an
excellent choice. It would have been bad to make a "blind" majority
choice. Comparing to eb07 it have many advantages as a logo. Most of
them you can read about in earlier mails to this list.

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