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Re: logo and mascot [was Re: logo objectives]

On 12 Nov 1997, Christian Leutloff wrote:

>What about two signs for Debian!? One logo and one mascot. The logo is
>clear, unique, small and can be used everywhere (i.e. on each WWW page
>for the return button). The mascot can be more detailed, more
>colorful, bigger and will be used on selected outstanding places
>(i.e. only on our first WWW page).

I think this is a fine idea.  Its fairly clear that animals just wont cut
it for everybody when it comes to a logo.  Despite the fact that I've met
with relative success with my penguin meets gnu theme not all are
satisfied.  So perhaps a compromise can be reached... along with a
non-animal logo we could have a animal mascot.  Or not.  I dunno maybe we
should just scrap the whole animal thing and all penguin references.  Its
fine by me, but we really need some object with which to associate debian.
Something that really makes sense and that people can immediately see the
connection.  The beehive idea isn't bad, but it doesn't immediately
trigger 'debian' in my mind.
I don't know, we need a good object.  The puzzle piece was offered some
time ago but I feel it may be too 'puzzeling'.  The beehive isn't bad, but
there are negative connotations associated with drone bees and so forth
which may be worrisome.  There were some gears that somebody drew a while
back, but thats far too cliche.  There was the bone, but despite how cool
that was it got totally shot down, not enough people got it.

Shall we make a list of ideas then evaluate the list?  Or is this avenue
not one people want to traverse?

Jamie Heilman      jamie@wcug.wwu.edu      http://www.wcug.wwu.edu/~jamie/
"We must be born with an intuition of mortality.  Before we know the words
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with the knowledge that for all the compasses in the world, there's only
direction, and time its only measure."			-Rosencrantz

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