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Logo Idea: beehive


How about a beehive as a logo for debian ?

The type of beehive I was thinking of would be the sort of thing that cartoon 
bears sometimes end up trying to get out of trees, or perhaps the traditional 
beehive that the hair-style is named after.

It should be possible to come up with a line drawing of a beehive that works 
in black and white or color, and can be reduced to a small size while still 
being recognisable.

It seems appropriate for lots of reasons:

  The efforts of hundreds of individuals go into making and maintaining it.

  The bee's go round collecting stuff from the fields for free,
  bring it home and turn them into something better.

  The stuff produced is so much nicer than commercial products (i.e. Wild
  Honey vs. refined sugar)

  It takes a certain amount of skill and courage to use, but the result
  is worth it.

  Debian, pronounced d'BEE-an ?

  The occupants are willing to make considerable sacrifices to protect the 

  The occupants can prove dangerous when annoyed ;-)

Cheers, Phil.

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