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Re: Confirmation email for joining the Debian User Forums

Hi Federico,

I'm only a Debian user,

On 18/04/21 15:41, Federico Pacini wrote:

I have just signed up to the forum but unfortunately I have not yet received the confirmation email to confirm the registration.
I tried to request the confirmation email again but I still can't receive it.

I think it is best you write to forumadmin@forums.debian.net (I found it on the forum).

Else you can check the thread "forums.debian.net - who's in charge?"[¹] on which some people has say they are the forum's admin.

You can also subscribe to the user mailing list of your native language (if it is not English, for example debian-italian), or in debian-user that it is in English.


see March and April for the thread replies.


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